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Auto Transport Checklist

To ensure your car’s safety and security, we followed a roll to make sure that our car shipping system is excellent.

Clean your car

Car cleaning is the first step! Here you can see any damage of your cars Before shipping. However, it should be documentary, and you have to submit a photographic evidence with a date a time stamp.

Get your motor running

You should make sure that your transport has no mechanical problem. Ensure there is no problem in the motor, headlights, wipers or any parts of the vehicle and that is working fast before shipping.

Check for licks

You have to note any lick of the transport before shipping. If you can remark the problem before turning the transport over the shipper, we will solve the damage correctly.

Make copies of all keys

Keep your original keys of the car safely. It is a very important part of your car. You have to supply these to the shipping company with copies. Don’t be careless about it. If you lost the keys, you will face various problems. It May be it is not available here. Sometimes its replacement is very expensive.

Check battery charge and condition

You have to be sure that your car’s battery is fully charged and working properly. See the battery carefully to ensure that there is no way to lose or move it in the engine compartment.

Check your car alarm

Did you install car alarm in your car? Ensure immediately that it’s disconnected before shipping the car. It may be the car shipping company will not disconnect the alarm or don’t work carefully about the alarm system. As a result, you can lose your valuable properties.

Remove any aftermarket accessories

Different parts of the car may be from after-market accessories and removed or lose . You have to be sure that it’s completely fresh and uninstalled. Ensure that your car’s mirror and auntie are properly fit to prevent damage.

Burn off or remove all fuel from the car

It may be your car will go to the shipper’s hand for a long or short period then handle it carefully. Leave your car’s fuel tank not more than ¼ full. Make sure in the long-term storage, all fuel of the tank is emptied and there is a system to moving and storage fuel.

Prepare for changes in climate

In a new climate how is your car moving, follow it. Ensure your car may be a need to change engine oil and engine fluids. Your manual will have to follow specific procedures. We always guide you to consult your car’s manufacturer for proper maintenance and prevention. Your personal transport is your partner. It will cooperate you everyday. So you should take good care of it. Before shipping you should identify it’s varieties sides like parts, body fitness, alarm, keys, cleaning, etc. So you can enjoy our nice car shipping process. Do not miss the chance!!
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