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Car Transport Insurance

The answer is, without any doubt, yes. And these are the reasons. Even though over 95% shipping can be carried on without any damage to the vehicle, accidents can happen anytime. Even if the driver is expert and drives safely, a mishap related to the vehicle can be caused, on which the driver has no control whatsoever.

You may have visualized this kind of incident or experienced it firsthand. You might be waiting on a red light and another person driving and using his phone at the same time thrashes your car from behind or you could be driving in the highway and suddenly someone changes lanes without looking in their blind spot and your car clashes with his. The damage may not even be the fault of a person, rather it might be because of a weather event, such as a brutal hailstorm or hazy atmosphere.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what the reason of the damage is, the important thing to remember is to have an insurance.

What is Car Shipping insurance?

It is required by law for the auto transporters to carry a certain amount of liability insurance. This states that any damage to your vehicle is the liability of the transporters. You should have a look into the terms and policies of the transporters and have an idea about what the insurance covers. You should also verify their certificate of insurance. Any reputable transporter company will willingly show you all the information you need. Also, find out if any deductible is required on a damage claim.

Is the Coverage Enough To Cover the Value of My Car?

You need to be aware that the policy will actually cover the real value of your car. Normally the Kelly Blue Book value of the car determines the limits of the insurance. So do some research and carry additional protections in the form of excess coverage or gap insurance if necessary. Its needed more if you have a vintage or collector on of a kind automobile.

What is Excess or Gap Insurance?

Excess or Gap insurance is an important matter to keep in mind. The difference between the insurance limit and the actual resell cost of your car according to Kelly Blue Book is referred to as Excess or Gap insurance. For example, if the Kelly Blue Book values your car for $20,000, and the actual cost of your car is $23,000, to replace it you can carry an excess or gap policy to cover the extra $3,000.

Will My Personal Auto Policy Cover Car Shipping?

To get the answer of this question, so you need to call your agent and explain the place and method of your car transportation. If you do, they will inform you or they may inform you of a special offer that can help you. Keep this is mind. Your policy may cover auto shipping, but you also want to know the limits of the coverage and the deductible so you can compare it to the policy offered by the auto transporter.

How Much Does the Auto Transport Insurance Cost?

Costs vary depending on what the value of your car is. However, keep this in mind. Sometimes the transporter includes the insurance cost in the shipping rate quote and sometimes they might not. you need to make sure you differentiate between the quotes that contain insurance costs and the ones that do not when you compare the cost to shipping.

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