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Expedited Car Shipping

From our experience in car shipping services, we know the value you place on your car. Normally, if you need to transport your car over a long distance or overseas, you have to drive it yourself. For every long road trip you take, both you and your car get a little more lived in. The transportation of vehicles from state to state needs to be well planned and for that, you need this guide. The choices for car transportation run the gamut from professional auto transportation services to hiring a local driver. Your choice will probably depend as much on your budget as on your preference for how it gets there.

How To Ship Your Car

Typically, the fastest way to ship a car is referred to as expedited transport, or expedited shipping. In most auto transporting services, the delivery takes about 1-10 days but, with Expedited auto transport services, you will pick up your vehicle in a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of 72 hours. Although the cost is typically about 60 percent higher, going cheap when moving your car is not always the smartest way to go.

A vehicle is probably the most expensive investment that one will make. It is not easy to know what to do when you relocating to a new state. Moving is expensive and moving a car can be rather stressful. Hiring a professional car shipping company gives you peace of mind. The shipping company takes care of loading and unloading your vehicle, getting it from your old location to the new location, and is insured against damage that might come up during the move.

Shipment can take quite some time, and you must consider your own timetable. By choosing expedited car shipping, you are generally accelerating the transportation process. Shipping a vehicle can be a daunting challenge which is why we try every day to give sound advice to make your shipment that much easier. Here are ways you can expedite car shipping and having your vehicle transported successfully.

A Quick Guide to Expedited Car Services

Most carriers set their schedules up a week or even further in advance. It does require a sizable amount of time to transport a car from point A to point B. This makes Demand for vehicle shipping difficult to acquire and expensive to use. No matter how urgent the shipping might be, you should avoid choosing the first company you research. Compare their experience, reviews and ratings by their customers before signing anything. Expedited car shipping works best with adequate notice.

Expedited services can shorten the typical pickup window of a vehicle from the average 4-7 days down to1-2, depending on the route. It is important to note that it is difficult to schedule and delivery dates are not guaranteed but estimated. Ensure that you are flexible on dates; some routes may be faster than others of a similar length due to differences in route construction and ease of access due to delays caused by unfavorable weather conditions.

What Are Your Options?

Door-to-Door delivery for every customer may not always be possible within a particular period. Trucks are picking up and delivering other vehicles along the route, stopping constantly and this adds time to every customer’s shipment. If time is an important factor in your shipment, it is therefore necessary to talk to a dispatcher in advance and suggest having your car dropped off at a major nearby city en route.

Asking the express car shipping company for their insurance policy is highly recommended and you check with your insurance to see what is actually covered and not covered during transport. It is important to describe the condition of your vehicle when placing an order. Consider the safety of your vehicle, and do not let an urgent shipment result in carelessness.

It is important to understand what auto transporters can and cannot do so that you do not expect the impossible. You have spent a lot of time and money to pick out the right classic car. Treat it with kindness and hire only the best, most experienced company. Choose a company that is open, honest, and straightforward with you about transporting. To find out more about expedited or any of our auto shipping services, call our office today!

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