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Car Shipping Glossary

It’s natural that different types of industry have different rules. Maybe you could not understand their terms. You are absolutely confused and there are more questions in your mind. We always try to show the current information to you. And there is no confusion here. There is a list of the most common terms and their meaning that are used in the car shipping industry.
Open Vehicle Shipping
It’s very common method that you may have seen. There are no protections outside of your vehicle. It will put on an open trailer and will not protect from any outside elements. There is no wall and no roof.
Closed Vehicle Shipping
Closed vehicle shipping is the service that your car will shipping by a closed protection on the trailer. It can protect your transport from other elements and can make it distant from the outside world. It’s more expensive than the open vehicle shipping. It’s necessary for your expensive vehicle to protect from any risk or any damage.
Every car shipping company will offer you insurance for your car in order to ensure it’s safety and security. You have to read the entire policy attentively. If you agree with them, there may be some extra fees to pay.
Vehicle Covering
It’s essential for your expensive car to cover when it’s shipping. During transport it will be covered with a plastic covering. Your favorite car will be clean and safe by it and there may be extra charge here.
Delivery Time
This is the time that you signed for delivering you car before picked up. Sometimes many kinds of problems gather here, but we don’t exceed our time. It’s beyond our rules! Anyhow we discharge our delivery timely.
It’s really good for shipping your favorite car. May be you have seen it in the street. It is a vehicle that transports different vehicles from one to another place.
Shipping Mileage
Shipping Mileage means the total miles from the vehicle pick up location to the delivery location.
Bill of Lading
Every transport company has their own billing process. Bill of lading is the process that they use during the delivery process. The driver will have a copy of this document. Here you will find all of the information related with the shipment. You will also see that all of the requirements are including here.
FMCSA is the organization that is related with the department of transportation. It stands for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Ensure it that your favorite vehicle is licensed by the FMCSA.
This stands for the US Department of Transportation.
USDOT Number
This is a number that is given to vehicle shippers by the FMSCA. Ensure it that your car shipping service has a valid USDOT number.
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