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Privacy Policy

lent We maintain a privacy policy and the privacy of other visitors are very important to us. We serve a excellent guideline that can help you to know verities information’s. When you will search the website you can see the policy . You can also know about the quote form of the car shipping company.

Log Files

We have a log files to save our visitors content in the When you will search for information’s in our website you can mark you in the site. Here you will also see the information’s about you, other information’s about your computer and your Internet connection. Your IP address is logged by our log file system. Your browser type, Internet service provider information, the date and time that you visited are recorded as well.

Our log system will identify you by the own process. It’s very easy. We can collect all of your information and can track your progress in the site. Here the can identify how the site affects at the visitors. It will help us to know how we can improve the flow of information in the whole website.

Car Shipping Quote Requests Forms

The uses a format that will help you to know about the car shippers charge. The data is collected by that gathered more information’s like: Names, Address, Phone Number etc. These data is given by our visitors. There is no way to identify our visitors. Actually it’s only uses for our users to connect with us and to get the most important information about the car shipping company in our own private network.

The does not allow any of the third party vehicle shipping companies in their website. We gather the information’s from the car shipping quote forms to different respective car shipping companies. The car shipping companies have to furnish a cost estimate, schedule concern, transit time etc.At this moment they can use the information’s from our website. You can find it in the site of in their own private network .

External Links

The serves their links that the user can take it to another website. The does not like to control the privacy policy in the linked website. May be there are gathered more information’s in their own privacy policy in other website. You have to study this information’s carefully and try to understand the information’s that the third party gathered in their site. It’s simply your responsibility.

If you know about the,you will see that It’s a remarkable company and dependable also. They never collect any data out of their website. There is no control over the other content or information’s gathered from the other site. The is simple but excellent to achieve your desire.

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