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Car Shipping Tips

Generally there are a lot of question concerning the need of transporting your vehicle from one place to another. In spite of having previous experiences, you can’t be fully prepared as each vehicle movement poses a different challenge. That is why we are letting you know some helpful tips that will help you carry out the transport process with much less difficulties.

Choosing a Shipping Method

Two different types of transportation methods can be useful while transporting your vehicle. These are:

  1. Open Transport
  2. Closed Transport

Open Transport: The bottom line is how much protection that you want to offer your vehicle, and how much money you want to spend. The open transport method is preferred by most services. You may be familiar with this method if you have been driving on the interstate. The perfect example of the open shipping method would be the large semi-trucks using a trailer that is full of cars. The advantage that this method provides is the low cost. It is definitely the cheaper way to go. The only disadvantage of this method is that your vehicle is exposed to the elements of environment. If you have an expensive or a one of a kind collectable vehicle, you might want to reconsider choosing the closed method

Closed Transport: According to closed shipping process, your vehicle will be placed in an enclosed trailer throughout the entire transport process and thus provides protection from the outside elements. Since it guaranties the full proof protection of your vehicle, it will cost more than the open transport method.

Scheduling the Transport

Everything must be run in a timely manner. Why should it be any different in case of your shipping your vehicle? When your shipping company gives you the itinerary, it is merely an estimate. The company is running the process but there are many factors that are beyond the companies’ control. You have to be pragmatic and understanding about this. Weather, traffic jams, construction, and accidents can heavily affect the shipping time line. However, the service that you choose will do their best and try everything within their capability to get your vehicle to its destination on time.

Insurance is a Necessity

You should not avoid the insurance since accidents can happen to even the best drivers. The auto transport service usually provide your vehicle with some type of insurance, but you should have a look on the policy to get an idea what it covers. In the event of an accident, don’t hesitate if you have any questions. You have the right to know who is liable for the damage. The question is, will there be any deductions that you are expected to pay?

Your personal insurance should cover your vehicle during shipping, still you should consult your auto insurance company and find out, if needed they might be able to offer additional coverage for the transport. Be aware that you are not leaving any personal items in the car because the insurance not cover their damage.

Making a full payment in advance is not advised. It is not unusual for car shipping companies to want a small percentage of the total cost as some sort of deposit. Find out what payment methods are acceptable to the shipping company. Not all of them accept credit cards.

Shipping your car is a very important circumstance and must be went through with great care. We hope these tips will help you to a great extent!

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